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Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Carmichael, California • April-December 2016

Project Description

The American River Natural History Association (ARNHA) operates the Effie Yeaw Nature Center in an urban park in the Sacramento area. The main center building has remained mostly unchanged since opening in 1976, and the exhibits had become dated as well. The ARNHA Board wanted outside expertise to address a key question: How could they best apply their limited resources to improve the nature center’s physical components, and in ways that met the needs of their users and supported their mission?

In answering this question, I:

  • Conducted surveys, interviews, and discreet observation to assess the needs and desires of the site’s visitors, staff, and volunteers.
  • Provided recommendations about how the building might be renovated on its existing footprint to function better.
  • Developed an interpretive plan for new exhibits.
“Our nature center needed an interpretive plan and we hired David Catlin to work with us. His extensive experience in all aspects of the nature center business made a difference as he led us through the process. We especially recommend hiring David if you are venturing into unknown territory!”
Paul Tebbel, Executive Director

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